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Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Use

These Terms govern your access to, usage
of all content, Product and Services
available at website (the “Service”)
operated by (“us”, “we”, or “our”). Your
access to our services is subject to your
acceptance, without modification, of all of
the terms and conditions contained herein
and all other operating rules and policies
published and that may be published from
time to time by us. Please read the
Agreement carefully before accessing or
using our Services. By accessing or using
any part of our Services, you agree to be
bound by these Terms. If you do not agree
to any part of the terms of the Agreement,
then you may not access or use our


We at Poly Penthouse Project, reserve all
copyrights on text or images on the
platform. The text or images in the platform
may not be copied or distributed without
prior permission of Poly Penthouse Project.
If there is any approved use of content, the
following conditions should be followed:
The source of copied material should be
mentioned as Poly Penthouse Project, this
statement should appear on all forms of


You may choose to communicate with us
via e-mail. However, in case you do so, you
should note that the security of internet e-
mail is unreliable. By sending confidential
or sensitive e-mail messages which are
unencrypted you accept the risks of such
uncertainty and possible breach of
confidentiality or privacy over the internet.

No Warranty

The information contained is provided by
Poly Penthouse Project as a
service/promotion to its users, subscribers,
customers and possible others. It does not
contain (legal) advice. Although we try to
provide quality information, we do not
guarantee any results obtained from the
use of this information, and without
warranty of any kind, express or implied,
including, but not limited to warranties of
performance for a particular purpose.

No Liability

In no way is Poly Penthouse Project liable
to the user or any other party for any
damages, costs of any character including
but not limited to direct or indirect,
consequential, incidental or other costs or
damages, via the use of the information
contained in the newsletters or other


We may make changes to this information
at any time without prior notice. We make
no commitment to update the information
contained in this newsletter or in any other

Intellectual Property

The Agreement does not transfer from Us
to you any of Ours or third-party
intellectual property, and all rights, title,
and interest in and to such property will
remain (as between the parties) solely with
Poly Penthouse Project and its licensors.

Third Party Services

In using the Services, you may use third-
party services, products, software, embeds,
or applications developed by a third party
(“Third Party Services”). If you use any
Third-Party Services, you understand that:
Any use of a Third-Party Service is at your
own risk, and we shall not be responsible or
liable to anyone for Third Party websites or
Services. You acknowledge and agree that
We shall not be responsible or liable for any
damage or loss caused or alleged to be
caused by or in connection with the use of
any such content, goods or services
available on or through any such web sites
or services.

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Where use of any part of our Services
requires an account, you agree to provide
us with complete and accurate information
when you register for an account. You will
be solely responsible and liable for any
activity that occurs under your account. You
are responsible for keeping your account
information up-to-date and for keeping your
password secure. You are responsible for
maintaining the security of your account
that you use to access the Service. You
shall not share or misuse your access
credentials. You must notify us immediately
of any unauthorized uses of your account or
upon becoming aware of any other breach
of security.


We may terminate or suspend your access
to all or any part of our Services at any
time, with or without cause, with or without
notice, effective immediately. If you wish to
terminate the Agreement or your account,
you may simply discontinue using our
Services. All provisions of the Agreement
which by their nature should survive
termination shall survive termination,
including, without limitation, ownership
provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity,
and limitations of liability.


Our Services are provided “AS IS.” and “AS
AVAILABLE” basis. and its suppliers and
licensors hereby disclaim all warranties of
any kind, express or implied, including,
without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability, fitness for a particular
purpose and non-infringement. Neither, nor
its suppliers and licensors, makes any
warranty that our Services will be error free
or that access thereto will be continuous or
uninterrupted. You understand that you
download from, or otherwise obtain content
or services through, our Services at your
own discretion and risk.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Except to the extent any applicable law
provides otherwise, the Agreement and any
access to or use of our Services will be
governed by the laws of the United States
of America. The proper venue for any
disputes arising out of or relating to the
Agreement and any access to or use of
our Services will be in the courts located in
the USA.


Poly Penthouse Project reserves the right,
at our sole discretion, to modify or replace
these Terms at any time. If we make
changes that are material, we will let you
know by posting on our website, or by
sending you an email or other
communication before the changes take
effect. The notice will designate a
reasonable period of time after which the
new terms will take effect. If you disagree
with our changes, then you should stop
using our Services within the designated
notice period, or once the changes become
effective. Your continued use of our
Services will be subject to the new terms.

(i) The PPN and qPPN Token is Non-Refundable. All payments for the PPN and qPPN Token are final and not refundable, except as required by law. Users may not use or distribute PPN or qPPN, except through the Services and as expressly allowed by the P³ Corporation LLC. Any use or attempted use of the PPN or qPPN Token in violation of the Poly Penthouse Project LLC Terms will be void (i.e. automatically canceled) and may result in immediate termination of User’s Account and of User’s right to use the PPN and qPPN Token. P³ Corporation LLC does not recognize or take responsibility for third-party services that allow Users to sell, transfer, or otherwise use the PPN or qPPN Token and any such use by a User is a violation of the P³ terms of service, unless authorized by the Poly Penthouse Project LLC.
(ii) The PPN and qPPN token Can Change. The P³ Corporation LLC may put limits on the PPN and qPPN Token (e.g. how much a User can acquire) or do things that change the perceived value of the PPN or qPPN (e.g. lowering the cost to buy them) at any time except during open market trading or except for the limited licenses granted in these User Terms. The Poly Penthouse Project LLC has and retains all rights in PPN and qPPN Token. This includes the right to modify, revoke, or terminate a User’s license to use the PPN or qPPN Token without notice, payment, or liability to User. The Poly Penthouse Project LLC does not make any guarantees regarding the PPN or qPPN Token, or their availability, quality or value except as outlined in the P³ whitepaper or determined by open market trading of our PPN and qPPN Token.

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