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Announcing the latest sensation in the NFT realm: Poly Penthouse! Prepare to indulge in the most opulent and exclusive digital real estate venture on the Polygon Blockchain.

Our team comprises of committed Crypto and NFT aficionados, backed by years of expertise.

Come join us in shaping an exceptional community of digital luxury assets, Crypto trading, and spearheading the WEB 3 digital Assets movement.

About Us
Our objectives

Poly Penthouse is a breathtaking NFT collection featuring the most luxurious and exclusive penthouses you can imagine. Each penthouse comes with its own personalized interior design and a variety of environmental variables to suit your taste. These unique NFTs are exclusively minted on the Polygon Blockchain, making them more affordable for acquisition.

Our aim is to establish a strong NFT and PPN client base that can enjoy, engage and prosper over time. We will communicate with our client base through our website and personalized communication techniques to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date with the latest developments.

project objectives

Project Roadmap

We are pleased to announce that the Poly Penthouse project is progressing smoothly, with multiple releases of our Penthouse NFTs and NFT Climate Modules now available on the Opensea Marketplace. Each Penthouse is a unique representation of your personal tastes and design abilities, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Currently, we are in the development phase, which includes the initial coin offering (ICO) release of the PolyPen Token (PPN). Our ICO portal is currently accepting purchases of PPN with Polygon Matic and BnB, giving early investors the opportunity to join our community and share in our success.

To protect the token and increase liquidity, an 8% BUY/SELL tax will be implemented during the token launch. This measure will further safeguard the token's value and ensure that it is traded at an optimal rate.

In Phase 2 of our project, we will be concentrating on expanding our client base and increasing the number of holders for both our NFTs and PPN tokens. We will also be continuing the development of our NFT products, with a particular emphasis on releasing the Legendary and Urban style Penthouses.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we will also be launching our interiors product line, which will be airdropped directly to the wallets of our Penthouse NFT holders. This will allow them to further customize and personalize their Penthouse NFTs, creating an even more unique and personalized experience.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our community and are thrilled to embark on this next phase of our project.

Phase 3 of our project will focus on increasing our client base while seeking out Corporate and Institutional investors who recognize the potential of the Poly Penthouse Project. We will also be applying for listing on various CEX platforms, which will take both our NFTs and PPN Token to a global audience. To achieve this, we aim to attract a minimum number of holders and investments, which we are steadily growing in the current Crypto market.

In addition to expanding our reach, we will also continue to develop our NFTs, creating greater utility and introducing a unique "Gamified Experience." Our goal is to encourage Penthouse holders to interact, upgrade, and continually improve the rarity and quality of their holdings while showcasing their personalities in the development of their property.

We are excited to embark on this next phase of our project and look forward to continued growth and success in the NFT and Crypto markets.

Phase 4 marks an exciting time for our project, as we introduce new NFT products and launch an aggressive advertising campaign to further expand our client base. Our development team will be heavily focused on creating a highly interactive experience for NFT holders, while our PPN token marketing team will raise awareness of our products and the utility of the PPN Token.

As we look to streamline our operations, we plan to move to a more user-friendly Crypto network and blockchain, making all transactions seamless and much more affordable.

In addition to these developments, we are thrilled to introduce the Upgrades Marketplace, where individual improvements and upgrades to the Penthouse interior can be acquired. This marketplace will showcase the true versatility of our holdings and allow for further customization, creating a truly unique and personalized experience for our clients.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our community and are excited to take our project to the next level in Phase 4

In Phase 5, we will lock all appropriate wallets for a predetermined period of time, as outlined in the coming pages. During this phase, we will also launch the PPN Token for public trade on the Uniswap DEX platform, Pancakeswap, and Poocoin. As we continue to develop, we will explore additional avenues for trade of both the NFTs and the PPN Token.

While we aim to simultaneously launch on a CEX, it is currently unlikely due to the wait time for approval. However, we are actively seeking support from the NFT and Crypto community to make this a possibility.

We are also excited to announce the implementation of a staking app, providing current PPN Token holders the opportunity to earn up to 18% APY on any balance staked for 90-day periods. This will limit the circulating supply, protect the token from volatility, and heavily reward our investors.

Phase 5 marks a significant milestone in our project's growth and development, and we look forward to continued success with our community's support.

In Phase 6, we are excited to introduce new features that will take the Poly Penthouse project to the next level. This includes the implementation of interior design tools that will allow users to customize and personalize their digital space even further. Additionally, users will be able to create their own avatars and fully immerse themselves in their Penthouse through VR operability.

The "Gamified Experience" will continue to evolve with interactive features that allow users to host events and meetings within their digital space. With live chat features and a stunning 360-degree view of the sky, users can showcase the full beauty and potential of their digital property to friends, family, and potential clients. We believe that these new features will truly set Poly Penthouse apart as a unique and exciting project in the NFT space.

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Jacob Doyelle Yates

CEO and CDO of PolyPen Project
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Scott Buist

Executive Assistant

Dave Normals

Website & Design
Dave aka Notnormals #4304

Shelby Lambert

Lead Artist

Joseph W Pinard 

Social Manager

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