Tokenomics and Rewards Data


Wallet Lock Durations

Corporate Wallet: Locked until March 1, 2025
Developer Team Wallet: Locked for 4 weeks from Launch date
Team Wallet: Locked for 4 weeks from Launch date
Liquidity Pool: Locked Until September 1, 2043

Promotion and Giveaways

Circulation and Liquidity


Corporate Wallet

Development and Team

Mobirise Website Builder
Rewards & Allocation

8% transaction tax for each Buy Order
8% Transaction Tax for each sell order
3% will be deposited directly into the locked liquidity pool
3% will be allocated to token buy backs to maintain stability
2% will be converted to Polygon Matic or BNB BEP 20 tokens
This will be airdropped into the wallets of all Poly Penthouse NFT holders at above percentage split among each tier as displayed on the chart.

For every 1 million in total transactions .. buys, sells trades and transfers of the token $80,000 is taxes

$30,000 to liquidity
$30,000 to buy back
$20,000 to tax reflections

$6600 ÷ 33 for Legendary Penthouse owners
$200 USD each Legendary Penthouse owner

$6600 ÷ 333 for OG Ultras Penthouse owners
$19.82 USD per Penthouse Penthouse owner

$6800 ÷ 3333 for Urbans Penthouse owners
$2.04 USD per Penthouse Penthouse owner

Each per 1 million in gross transactions 

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